Covid-19 Coronavirus Living Tribute & Memorial Exhibits

August 19, 2020

The Covid-19 coronavirus has tested everyone’s resolve like nothing most of us have ever encountered. We have all been impacted by the Covid-19 coronavirus in some way or another. Tragically, many who were sickened by Covid-19 didn’t survive it.  

The Significance of Tributes & Memorials for the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Nothing we can do or say will completely resolve the pandemic we have all endured and will continue to endure in the New Normal. 

Just like we need vaccines and medicines for our health & safety and positive economics to maintain and grow our quality-of-life; Tributes and Memorials help communities heal emotionally from the coronavirus pandemic which is a big part of improving quality-of-life in the New Normal in the aftermath of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Without Tributes & Memorials than guilt and shame linger throughout communities now and for generations-to-come. 

Grow Hope & Faith/Salute Work Heroes Message Campaign raises funds for establishing Tri-State Covid-19 coronavirus Living Tributes & Memorial  exhibits. 

Grow Hope & Faith/Salute Work Heroes Living Tribute & Memorial Exhibits pays tributes to all of our struggles to endure the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and moving forward in the New Normal, Salutes Work Heroes each of whom made great sacrifices to get us though the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic (See SALUTE WORK HEROES) and memorializes those who sadly succumbed to the Covid-19 coronavirus.

We need hope to endure and faith-in-humanity for our communities to stay strong in the New Normal.  Your heartfelt messages together as a community are our way of helping to keep our hopes and faith-in-humanity strong. 

Please help support establishing Tri-State Grow Hope & Faith/Salute Work Heroes Living Tribute & Memorial exhibits by participating in the Grow Hope & Faith/Salute Work Heroes Message campaigns.  

Thank You for Growing Hope & Faith & Saluting Work Heroes. Stay Healthy!

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